Denial is a defensive coping mechanism for not facing up to the reality of a nicotine habit.

There are over 40 chemicals found in cigarette smoke that are known carcinogens – that’s 40 good reasons to give up smoking now! Tobacco smoke is more dangerous to health than nicotine. Long-term inhalation of tobacco smoke exposes every cell of your body to powerful chemicals that can cause cancer and cell mutations, and that ultimately cause tobacco-related illnesses.

Tobacco smoke from cigarettes, cigars and pipes contains over 4,000 chemical compounds and breathable, suspended particles. Some of the chemicals present in tobacco smoke have been proven to cause cancer and increase the risk of birth defects.

These include: ammonia, arsenic, benzene, cadmium, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, lead, mercury, naphthalene, urethane and a variety of nitrosamines (potent human carcinogens). Formaldehyde, ammonia, urethane, and naphthalene are contained in household products with labels telling you to avoid inhaling them.

There are also radioactive chemicals in tobacco smoke, like polonium-210. So far, over 40 chemicals have been found in tobacco smoke that are known human carcinogens. This means that these chemicals have been proven to cause cancer not only in laboratory animals, but also in people.

These chemicals make smoking too high a risk.
So, begin a new life… Quit Now!

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    Is Clinically trained and well qualified to help you become the non-smoker you were born to be. All you need is a desire to improve your health and quality of your life. Our clinically trained and fully accredited sessions have been achieving life long results for the vast majority of people we have helped to quit. Whether you choose to Quit Today, Tomorrow or This Year, you can rely on getting our full and professional support.

    Whether one, two, or more sessions are required we won't stop until you do! That's our promise to you, to support you to achieve your goal and become the non-smoker you were born to be.

    Additionally you have the security which comes with a Lifetime of support. Remember this. .... "The day you stop smoking is the day your body starts to repair itself".

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