How to Give Up Smoking and Quit Cold Turkey


How To Give Up Smoking And Quit Cold Turkey

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It’s no surprise to anyone to learn that cigarettes are bad for your health. Every smoker will tell you that they are aware of the damage they are doing to their body, and they will also tell you that they don’t know how to give up smoking.

Sure, there are any number of different smoking cessation options available, but finding the method that works best can be difficult, not to mention costly. Smokers who have been unable to quit have probably tried more than one way of quitting, but it often-times comes down to a battle of wills, which is where it all falls apart.

Trying an Alternative Quit Smoking Method

While we used the word “alternative” in the heading above, it’s almost disingenuous to use that word when talking about hypnosis. The fact of the matter is that if you want to know how to give up smoking, but you haven’t yet looked at hypnotherapy, then you have not examined all possibilities.

Hypnosis still falls into the alternative category only because so many people are unaware that it might well be the best way to quit smoking. Too many people look at the upfront costs of hypnotherapy (about $500 on average) and immediately dismiss it without taking a look at the positive results that smokers have seen using this method. In order to put the cost of hypnotherapy in perspective, think about the cost of a pack of cigarettes and then multiply that by the number of packs you smoke in a day, week, or month. You will quickly see that it won’t take that long at all to hit that same dollar amount. If you want to know how to stop smoking for good, read on and see how hypnotherapy can help.

The Benefits of Hynotherapy When Quitting Smoking

If you really want to learn how to give up smoking, but have some concerns about the role that hypnotherapy can play in that, let us put your mind at ease right now. Here are some benefits of using hypnosis for quitting:

  • Non-invasive – Many people feel that hypnosis is invasive because the hypnotherapist is “inside” your head, but that is not the case. Most patients “wake up” feeling relaxed and refreshed.
  • Full control – You are still in complete control when you are in a hypnotic state, and you cannot be made to do something you ordinarily wouldn’t do. The hypnotherapist is basically tasked with helping fill your subconscious with positive phrases and images that will show you how to give up smoking.
  • Positive results – It is usually that little voice in your head that makes you start smoking again, even when you don’t want to. That is your subconscious talking, and it is there where the negative thoughts will be replaced by positive. The need to smoke will be taken away after a few sessions.

How to Give Up Smoking Now

If you are still wondering how to stop smoking, but have not yet tried hypnosis, it’s time you give it a go. Every cigarette that you smoke increases your chances of seriously damaging your health. Life is much better when you feel great and have the energy to live it. Former smokers who gave hypnotherapy a chance are now living the sort of healthy life you and your family dream of. There is nothing to fear, so call us today on 1300 114 557 and seek out a consultation with a professional hypnotherapist?



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