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How To Stop Smoking With Hypnotherapy

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If you’re a smoker wanting to quit for good then chances are this is not the first time you have pondered the question how to stop smoking.

Ask any smokers, and they will tell you that they are well aware of the damage that they are doing to their body with every single puff. They will also likely tell you that they have tried to quit on more than one occasion, but have yet to find anything that sticks.

Smoking is like any other habit in that it’s easier to think of reasons to keep doing what you are doing than to think of the benefits of stopping altogether. There is a reason why figuring out how to stop smoking is so difficult, which is something we will talk about a little later. For now, let’s take a look at some of the ways to give up smoking that you have already tried.

Other How to Stop Smoking Methods Used When Quitting Smoking

People trying to figure out how to stop smoking have a number of options available to them, which include:

–  Nicotine patch – This is in the form of a small patch attached to the skin that is supposed to help with the process of quitting cigarettes. The problem here is that forgetting to apply the patch is a possibility, which will lead smokers to crave a cigarette to fill that need.

– Nicotine gum – Who would have believed that quitting smoking would help smokers put down cigarettes for good? It would appear that very few are buying in, as studies have shown that going cold turkey is many times more effective than chewing gum.

– Vaporizers – The latest craze in the quitting smoking world are e-cigarettes and vaporizers. In principle, these seem like a great way to get the smoking sensation without the health issues, but much of that is speculation at the moment. The jury is still out on the long-term effects of the liquids being used for these devices, which makes them something of a gamble.

If none of these methods are effective, then how is it possible to answer the how to stop smoking question? It really all boils down to getting to the heart of the reason as to why we smoke in the first place, and why it is so difficult to quit smoking.

Getting Inside the Head of Smokers

If you want to know how to stop smoking, you really have to find out what is causing you to reach for cigarettes in the first place. For some, it is purely habitual, but for others, there is a trigger that causes them to reach for a fresh pack.

The most effective way to get the answers to those reasons is via hypnotherapy or stop smoking hypnosis. The first thing you have to do is forget the notion that hypnosis is some sort of stage act or that you will be hypnotized in to doing something against your will as this is not the case at all but something we hear time and again.

The number of smokers who have benefited from hypnotherapy after trying other ways to give up smoking is very much on the rise as more and more smokers become aware of hypnotherapy to stop smoking.

In most cases one session with a hypnotherapist is all it takes to reveal the triggers that cause you to smoke, at which point positive options can be inserted that will make putting down the smokes for good that much easier.

If you have been trying to figure out how to quit smoking, but haven’t tried hypnotherapy, now is the time to give it a serious look and quit for good.  Whether you live in the Illawarra or greater Sydney, take action right now and call us on 1300 114 557 or email us and find out how hypnosis can help you finally give up smoking.





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