I first read about Michael Haber’s Hypnotherapy whilst in a doctors surgery waiting room. I’d heard of hypnosis but never even realised it could be the catalyst to becoming a non smoker.

As a pack a day smoker of 15 years I had tried everything to finally kick the habit – patches, e-cigarette, champax, gum and cold turkey and yet NOTHING worked!

I made the step of calling Michael and we met face to face the following day (Michael highlighted the importance of ‘striking while the iron is hot’) I found myself sitting in a comfy chair answering some thought provoking questions about my smoking habit and the reasons behind my motivation to quit.

The session and the time flew! 2 hours felt more like 30minutes.

That was 5 YEARS AGO. I have not touched a cigarette since!

If you want to quit smoking for GOOD then CALL Michael today.

Michael is easy to talk to and he knows his stuff. The hypnotherapy session and the coping mechanisms he puts in place work! I am testament to this as is my partner Daniel who like me, hasn’t looked at a cigarette in 5 YEARS.

During the past 5 years I have recommended my Mum, Dad, friends, work colleagues and even my gardener. EVERYONE of them are now non smokers, living healthier and happier lives. The financial impact of quitting helped me purchase my first home quicker than I ever could of as a smoker.

It’s simple as this…. hypnosis works. No hocus-pocus, Michael is a professional who guarantees his work!

Call Michael Haber today, let him help you on your journey to being a non smoker.

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