Michael, Hi, I was on the road to self distruction. I was lost in my own miserable world of shelf pity and greive using alcohol to sleep.

My issue’s where many. One issue would lead into another issue’s which in time i just closed all issue’s down with alchol. Alcohol took all the pain away dumbed everything and i could sleep. Until the next day where the stress and anixiety and greive would start all over again. The poor body and liver was getting hammered.

My turning point. I was given Michael’s number lets say by an human Angel ( no she is not in heaven, but this lady saved my life) from the moment i rang Michael i knew i had made the right dession.

Michael is a beautiful and caring person that has studied for years to be able to help people like me. Michael is not one of those person’s on TV, no he is better than that. Michael understands the way the brain works and explains it to you in plain easy steps.

I have had 3 session’s with Michael and i am ready to join the world again . Enjoy life sober and look forward to going out and mixing with people again. Instead of holding on to all the hate and greive stress and anixiety. I have not touched any alchol since my first session with Michael. I do not crave it , i sleep unaided and peaceful.

My whole personality has changed back to the beautiful caring person i was. My family are proud of me and i am proud of myself.

Michael is my second living Angel. Thank you Michael, i am back to being my loving funny beautiful self.

Michael treatment is not expensive compared to what you spend on the products you think keep you calm. We think we need these products.. WE are wrong, WE need to be addicton free and Michael can help .

Wake up and smell the roses each morning and enjoy your life like i am doing thank’s to Michael’s Advanced Hypnosis and NLP.

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