My husband had clinical hypnotherapy with Quit Smoking 4Good just over 16 months ago.
He was the biggest critic of everything. He smoked 30-40 cigarettes per day for over 20 years and smoking was a part of every activity and task, even working.
A health scare introduced the notion of clinical hypnotherapy to quit smoking and then anxiety almost derailed my husband from following it through…. but he did it.

He had clinical hypnotherapy with Quit Smoking 4Good and it has WORKED!!!!!

I am so extremely thankful to Michael from Quit Smoking 4Good and proud of my husband for sticking with it… even after the shock and emotions of losing our 17yr old son just one month after treatment my husband stayed strong and has not smoked.

If my critical hubby can do it, anyone can…

Thank you Michael. I without a doubt recommend your services to every smoker seeking to quit.

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