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Our Clinical Hypnotherapy quit smoking hypnosis sessions in the Wollongong NSW region will Help You give up smoking? If now is your time to finally stop smoking you could be free of this unhealthy habit TODAY. The answer to the question of how to quit smoking and how to quit smoking 4Good is a combination of Clinical Hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (N.L.P) plus further life tools which together make it easier for you to achieve your goal of quitting smoking and being a non-smoker. Giving up smoking can be easy or hard the choice is yours.

There are several reasons why people smoke, and even though we understand at a conscious level how silly it is, and how damaging it is to our body, why do we tell ourselves it’s OK to smoke? It’s because we have two parts of our mind. The logical or rational part, called the Conscious mind, and the emotional part, called the Subconscious.

As smokers, we are in continual conflict. The conscious part of our mind says “What are we doing? Are you crazy, this is killing us?” “Why are we wasting so much money”? But then our subconscious mind says, “What are you talking about, this helps our situation”, “Are you kidding me, I’ll know I feel better after a cigarette?”. When both parts of our mind are in conflict, guess what, the subconscious always wins!

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Understanding how our minds work, helps us to train the subconscious that smoking is no longer a benefit! Because right now your subconscious thinks that smoking is good for you and helping you in some way?

You already know how to stop smoking consciously, the problem is the behaviour is stored in your subconscious!

Even though we consciously understand that smoking is not good, we do however, use a great deal of reasons to keep smoking. “Keeps our weight down”, “the cravings are too much to deal with”, “I have no will power”. We do these things automatically. Again, our subconscious mind observes patterns that we do most often, then puts them on ‘repeat’ throughout our day, otherwise, our conscious mind would literally shut down. Going on auto pilot makes a lot of sense. Driving a car is a good example.

So, for those behaviours that are KILLING us, it’s clearly not a good idea to keep repeating them.

Our quit smoking hypnosis also referred to as stop smoking hypnotherapy, includes Lifetime Support. Your session just doesn’t end as soon as you leave my office. You will have access to me, via phone, email or text messaging even after our session should you need it. I contact all quit smoking clients within a month or two from our session. Then again 12 months later, because 12 months later you can call yourself a non-smoker!

We are still the only Clinical Hypnotherapists providing quit smoking hypnotherapy that do future session/s at no charge, that’s our lifetime guarantee! One fee and you are supported in quitting smoking for life! Simple.

Once you call 1300 114 557 to book your stop smoking hypnosis session, we spend some time talking about you. We discuss what has worked for you in the past, what hasn’t, why you want to stop, why now is your time to stop smoking, to put you on your to-do list and start reversing all those years of damage.

The practical life tools you are given reduces stress, anxiety and been proven to improve your life on so many different levels. These tools are why our stop smoking hypnosis system has been proven to be so successful. It’s largely because we take a holistic approach to this challenge of how to quit smoking, and this reinforces our Clinical Hypnotherapy and N.L.P session. These stop smoking life tools help you deal with a craving, if you do have one and keep you focused on being the non-smoker you were born to be.

Clinical hypnotherapy empowers clients to be the best they can be. By putting the power back in your hands, each month, year and decades you are a non-smoker the healthier and happier you become!

There is a great deal of myths about hypnotherapy, thankfully over time misconceptions about clinical hypnosis have been given way to proven, scientifically sound applications. Clinical Hypnotherapy today is being used in medicine, dentistry, police force, professional sports, child birth and education amongst many more. All of which I’m clinically trained to perform and have been doing so for many years with wonderful and very satisfying testimonials to support it.

We tailor our quit smoking hypnotherapy and N.L.P sessions for You, they are YOU focused! This is the key to ours and your stop smoking success. We spend the time needed identifying all your reasons why YOU want to stop this destructive behaviour and take control of your current and future health and wealth.

Here’s to you and your future of health and happiness for both you and your families.

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    I met with Michael and quit smoking 10 years ago in 2012. It has been life changing for my health and general well being. Michael was very professional and I felt comfortable right away. My wife also attended right after me and also quit smoking we have since referred two family member and numerous friends all of whom have quit smoking successfully. I can’t recommend Michael enough if you need help quitting the smokes.

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